Guava puree

Premium Pink or White Guava Puree

Frutas Delicadas, offer Pink or White Guava puree concentrate, origin from South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Turkey countries, our fruit puree concentrates are standardized by brix 14/20, but also can be customized to fit every final application.


Frutas Delicadas offers you premium quality of Pink or White Guava Puree Concentrate. Guava is a tropical fruit which is cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical region. Guava the most nutritious tropical fruit is processed to form guava pulp, guava juice concentrate and guava puree concentrate to increase its shelf life. Guava Puree concentrate is widely used in Beverages industry.


Also Guava juice Concentrate available at 65 Brix in Frutas Delicadas

People also ask:

What is the difference between a purée and a concentrate? Simply, purée is made from fruit that has been pulped and mashed. Fruit concentrates come from fruit juice that has had the water removed during processing. Concentrates are thinner in consistency than purées and also typically higher in sugars.

Babies can have guava by the age of six months. This is a safe age as the baby starts eating other complementary foods such as rice and potato. However, as you introduce guava to your baby, start with guava puree and then transit to soft, cooked guava. You might also like to try mashed (peeled and deseeded) guava.


Our 10 years’ experience in this industry makes us an expert in this field.

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