Grape juice concentrate

White or Red Grape Juice Concentrate

Frutas Delicadas, offer White or Red Grape Juice Concentrate, origin from Argentina, Spain, Chile, Italy countries, our fruit juice concentrates are standardized by brix 65/68, but also can be customized to fit every final application.

Grape Juice Concentrate is a pure juice concentrate, made from 100% pure fruit juice. Only the water is evaporated, leaving behind pure juice. It is all natural, no added sugar, no preservative or other additives. This product if often used as a sweetener for ‘no sugar added’ claim. Grape juice concentrate is the perfect ingredient for juice and wine making.

People also ask:

Grape concentrate is made essentially the same way any fruit concentrate is made—you’ve probably had orange juice made from concentrate at some point. To concentrate a fruit juice, the water is removed through a process of heating the juice and letting the water evaporate.

Wine making from concentrated grape juice. Pump good-tasting fresh water into the tank until it is 62% full. For concentrate at 65 Brix, 2.215 parts water to 1 part concentrate would give 20.2 Brix. Start the tank-rouser running.

Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease.
Taking grapes or its juice recipe on a daily basis will help increase potassium in the body that helps keep away problems like heart stroke and prevent loss of muscle mass and bone mineral density among other benefits.


Our 10 years’ experience in this industry makes us an expert in this field.

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