Grapefruit juice concentrate

Red, Pink or White Grapefruit juice concentrate

Frutas Delicadas, offer Red, Pink or White Grapefruit juice concentrate, origin from South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Turkey countries, our fruit juice concentrates are standardized by brix 60/65, but also can be customized to fit every final application.


Grapefruit Juice Concentrate is made from the fresh juice of ripe grapefruits, and can be used in a variety of beverages, including fruit juices and blends, as well as frozen or fresh fruit products.
The grapefruit is a citrus fruit; an accidental hybrid of the orange and the pomelo.

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You’re most likely under the impression that juice from concentrate is worse for you than juice that is not. But in reality, as long as no additional sugars and preservatives are added, there really isn’t any difference!

Grapefruit is a tropical citrus fruit known for its sweet and somewhat sour taste. It’s rich in nutrients, antioxidants and fiber, making it one of the healthiest citrus fruits you can eat. Research shows that it may have some powerful health benefits, including weight loss and a reduced risk of heart disease.

Some deep red grapefruits can still be unpleasantly bitter, while blush-pink grapefruits feature a pleasingly sweet-tart taste. Nonetheless, both pink and red grapefruits are sweeter than white grapefruit varieties, as a general rule. Choose a grapefruit with at least a little red pigment to it for the sweetest fruit.


Our 10 years’ experience in this industry makes us an expert in this field.

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