Frutas Delicadas team searches the world in a never-ending journey to perfection, looking for growers that match our picture of ideal supplier.
These professionals are dedicated to identifying and developing new sources and new products.
We conduct a careful review of the cultivating, harvesting, and production methods that are employed by the growers.
Frutas Delicadas to be the supplier of choice, with first class customer service, streamlining supply chains
and provision of optimal value to customers across their purchasing program.

Quality control

Frutas Delicadas has a well-earned reputation as a premier supplier of Aromas, Extracts, Herbs & Fruits ,Vitamins, and Concentrates & Purees.
Frutas Delicadas is able to provide high quality products due to the high standards of our internal quality processes.
All of our products are subject to 100% inspection starting at their arrival to our facilities finishing with their delivery to our customers.
Our Laboratory Information Management System allows to process unique specifications from individual customers to ensure that finished products meet their expectations.


All Frutas Delicadas laboratories are staffed with highly trained professionals who use the most advanced laboratory equipment.
Over decades Frutas Delicadas has developed the expertise in processing to ensure customers receive consistent finished products.
This is accomplished because of the company’s commitment to maintain strategic inventories of same quality supplies throughout the world.


Customer Care representatives are available to assist in sample selection for each specific application. An effective sampling program that utilizes Frutas Delicadas’s library of ready-to-ship materials and sample tracking is in place to ensure prompt attention to customer’s requests and speedy delivery of materials.


Reliable supplies from global warehousing facilities.

To ensure the timely delivery of products, Frutas Delicadas maintains stock inventory in strategically selected locations.


Our 10 years’ experience in this industry makes us an expert in this field.

Contact information

Calle de Salvador Rueda N4, Local 2B. Marbella 29601, Malaga, Spain

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Mobile number +34 952 85 92 34

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